Through the efforts of the membership, PPMC is making changes to generate awareness and educate our community about how we can make a positive impact on the environment, alleviate local soil aridification, and implement proactive forestry to create a safer neighborhood that is more prepared for wildfire.  

A Focus on Emergency Preparedness and Improving Community Safety

Check out the Paradise Park Emergency Preparedness Guide:

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In the Event of an Emergency

Please dial 911 for any emergency, and then call our office at 831-423-1530. After office hours, please contact our manager at 831-345-0879.

Thank You

Defensible Space:

  • Use hardscape like gravel, pavers, concrete and other noncombustible mulch materials. No combustible bark or mulch
  • Remove all dead and dying weeds, grass, plants, shrubs, trees, branches and vegetative debris (leaves, needles, cones, bark, etc.); Check your roofs, gutters, decks, porches, stairways, etc at least once a year
  • Remove all branches within 10 feet of any chimney or stovepipe outlet
  • Limit plants in this area to low growing, nonwoody, properly watered and maintained plants
  • Limit combustible items (outdoor furniture, planters, etc.) on top of decks
    • Replace combustible fencing, gates, and arbors attach to the home with noncombustible alternatives

    A defensible space perimeter around structures should reduce the likelihood that a structure will ignite and provide a safer environment for firefighters to fight encroaching wildfires. A defensible space also minimizes the likelihood that a structure fire will escape to the surrounding wildland. An annual assessment of the area around structures should be a top priority for each PPMC homeowner.

    - PPMC Member Kristy Peterson | Registered Professional Forester | Hamey Woods
    Conservation & Preservation:

    The Membership at Paradise Park is dedicated to moving forward with a purposeful regard for the overall wellbeing and safety of all the life inhabiting our natural environment